• Regeneration Set


    Pet Secret Regenerating Set brings you three products in a practical package! The Regenerating includes three complementary Pet Secret products for paw care and protection: Aromatherapy Balm for paw care and protection, Omega Balm for nose care and protection and Aromatherapy Ointment for care of calluses, blisters and thicker skin.

  • Spray for care and easier combing


    Our pets have hair for a reason – it protects them from the cold, high temperatures, and skin irritations.

    Combing out your dog’s hair has to be done slowly and meticulously so that your dog will not be in a lot of pain, because the tightest nots in tangled hair are formed close to the skin.

    Pet Secret also offers the Spray for Care and Easier Combing enriched with keratin in the shape of liposome particles so that you can keep your pet’s hair healthy, shiny, and smooth.

    This type of product penetrates the structure of the hair follicle fast and in depth, which instantly nourishes the hair, and it becomes shiny and smooth.

  • Spray for hair protection


    Your pet’s hair is the first thing you notice, but everyday exposure to various stress factors can dry it out and make it porous, sensitive, fragile, rough, and unkempt.

    A combination of wet film and dissolved oxygen is created on the wet hair, which is, in reaction with dry air, activated and in turn releases free radicals.

    The solution is the Spray for Hair Protection with procyanidins from the Swiss variety of Pinot Noir and keratin, which protect the hair from oxidising stress, harmful external effects (shampoos, sea water, sun) and reduce the damage of hair caused by dryness.

    Beautiful hair is now only a few steps away!

  • Tear-stain removal tonic


    Carefully selected plant extracts in synergy with hydrolats improve and brighten the area under the eye.

    100% organic hydrolats have mild and anti-inflammatory effects on the skin and hair of cats and dogs. Apart from cleaning, the product also regenerates, brightens and whitens the hair. Antiseptic properties of the selected hydrolats create an inhospitable environment for fungi and bacteria. Vitamin C derivative has strong anti-inflammatory effects, removes tear stains and whitens the hair.

  • White Pearl Shampoo for white-coated pets


    When it comes to care and protection of dog hair, white-coated pets are a special challenge. No explanations necessary, but a product created particularly for white-coated pets would be welcome

    That’s why Pet Secret decided to dive deep into the issue and discover yet another pet secret – dog hair as white as a pearl?

    Now that is possible with the new shampoo for pets with keratin and poly-fructol, White Pearl shampoo for white-coated pets. The combination of these ingredients protects, hydrates and repairs the pet coat. The coat becomes shiny, smooth and supple for combing.

    The combination… is protecting, hydrating

    Keratin deeply and rapidly penetrates the coat’s structure, nourishing and smoothing the coat, giving it elasticity. Poly-fructol, as a natural polymer of fructose synthesised in fruit and vegetables, provides hydration. Fresh fragrance of green apple makes daily bathing pleasant and desirable.

    High quality ingredients found in our product represents exactly what your pet deserves.

    Optical purple pigment helps neutralize visible orange tones, making the coat bright and shiny.

    The product does not contain any chemical bleaches, as well as any enzymes.

  • White Set


    Pet Secret White Set has two popular products in a practical packaging: White Pearl shampoo for white hair Tonic for tear-stain removal!

    When it comes to care and protection of pets, a special challenge is white hair. No need for further explanations, but our specially created products to help maintain white hair truly white is welcome. White Pearl shampoo for white hair and Tonic for tear-stain removal, your pets’ white hair can be truly white and shiny as a pearl!