Omega Balm for nose care and protection


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The nose is an incredible organ which, thanks to its astonishing 200 million sensory receptors, serves as a radar of sorts that enables an incredibly fast identification of other animals and can register smells unrecognisable to the human nose.

In order for the snout to always be healthy and protected,

Pet Secret presents the Omega Balm for Nose Care and Protection as a 100% natural product made from pure and cold pressed oils and butters.

There are also another three high-quality ingredients: sea buckthorn oil which protects, regenerates, and has an

anti-inflammatory effect on the snout area, chia seeds oil which contains the highest level of omega-3 fatty acids and bases its effect on preventing trans-epidermal moisture loss and the advent of dry and scurfy skin, as well as shea butter oil which nourishes and hydrates the skin.

Help make your pet’s nose healthy every moment of every day!


30 ml

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