Aromatherapy Soap for washing and care of paws


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Another product that is perfect for use after a walk with your pet is the Aromatherapy Soap for Paws Washing and Care!

Because of their complex and sensitive structure and continuous exposure to external effects, paws are constantly prone to injuries, infections, and inflammations that can make your furry friend’s life difficult. In order to keep these threats at a minimum, we have the Aromatherapy Soap for Paws Washing and Care, which effectively removes dirt accumulated after walks and time spent outdoors.

With 100% pure tea tree and lemongrass essential oils that have an antibacterial effect and help prevent fungal infections, there is also African shea butter which soothes and regenerates the skin on the paw pads, as well as oat which is rich in avenanthramides and has an anti-inflammatory effect while also acting as a powerful antioxidant. With the right paw protection, your pets will be able to play outdoors without any harmful side effects.


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