Aromatherapy Ointment for care of calluses, blisters and thicker skin


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Calluses and thickened skin are unfortunately a very common occurrence in dogs, and they are mostly caused by your pet lying down for long periods of time, especially on bone spurs Constant pressure results in blood vessels narrowing and thus reducing the oxygenation of the affected area, as well as resulting in a loss of hair, dehydration, dandruff and skin cracks, which leads to unpleasant, sometimes potential infections.

As a product which primarily protects and nourishes, the

Ointment for Care of Calluses, Blisters and Thicker Skin

contains 100% pure herbal oils and waxes. Their effect is plural – a combination of beeswax, coconut and almond oil along with lanolin softens thickened skin, while omega fatty acids from Inca oil reduce transepidermal water loss and hypersensibility of the skin, in addition to improving circulation.

At the same time,

chemotypical cedrelopsis essential oil from Madagascar has an anti- inflammatory and regenerative effect, and helps your pet’s skin become soft and tender!


50 ml

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