Tear-stain removal tonic


Carefully selected plant extracts in synergy with hydrolats improve and brighten the area under the eye.

100% organic hydrolats have mild and anti-inflammatory effects on the skin and hair of cats and dogs. Apart from cleaning, the product also regenerates, brightens and whitens the hair. Antiseptic properties of the selected hydrolats create an inhospitable environment for fungi and bacteria. Vitamin C derivative has strong anti-inflammatory effects, removes tear stains and whitens the hair.


P.S. secret ingredients are vitamin C, hamamelis, daisy.

The product contains ingredients which clean, nourish and whiten the hair and have antibacterial and antioxidative effects.

Based on natural hydrolats. The product does not contain bleaches, peroxides or boric acid.

How to use:
Place the tonic on a cotton pad and use on the area under the eyes. Use two to three times a day, every day. Existing hair will be brighter and new hair will grow without discoloration.

Produced by: Pet Secret d.o.o.,
Medarska 69, 10000 Zagreb

Country of origin: Croatia (EU)

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100 ml